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Jason's Story

I started working on Forestry Commission sites for my father when aged 19, this is where my love of trees began. 

In 1994 I trained to become a Climbing Arborist and soon after started my own Tree Surgery Business. 

I went on to study Arboriculture to a higher level gaining the Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture in 2003.  I then began running an Arboricultural Consultancy business alongside tree surgery.

In 2016 I purchased and trained to use the latest Tree Data Collection System developed by Pear Technology and set up an Independent Arboricultural Consultancy Company, taking a step back from Tree Surgery.

My continued professional development includes becoming QTRA registered in 2018, gaining the Professional Tree Inspectors Certification in 2020, achieving the FdSc in Arboriculture with a distinction and becoming a professional member of The Arboricultural Association in 2022.  

A recent project we were involved in:

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