Jason's Story

I started working on Forestry Commission sites for my father when aged 19, this is where my love of trees began. 

In 1994 I trained to become a Climbing Arborist and soon after started my own Tree Surgery Business. 

I went on to study Arboriculture to a higher level gaining the Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture in 2003.  I then began running an Arboricultural Consultancy business alongside tree surgery.

In 2016 I purchased and trained to use the latest Tree Data Collection System developed by Pear Technology and set up an Independent Arboricultural Consultancy Company, taking a step back from Tree Surgery.

My continued professional development includes becoming QTRA registered in 2018, gaining the Professional Tree Inspectors Certification in 2020, and at present in the third year of studying for a degree in Arboriculture. 

A recent project we were involved in: